Warframe is Now Available on Nintendo Switch

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If you have a Nintendo Switch and want to expand your game library without spending anything, you might be happy to know that Warframe is now available on the eShop.

Arriving on Switch five years after the game’s original launch, players can jump into a vast amount of content in Warframe, and they probably should.¬†Its fast-paced gameplay can be enjoyed alone or with up to three friends, and with more updates to come, it’s something you can look forward to playing well into the future. Check out the launch trailer below to see the game in action.

Brought to the Nintendo Switch by Panic Button, which has previously handled the Switch ports of DOOM, Wolfenstein: The New Colossus and Rocket League, you can be sure that Digital Extremes’ brilliant free-to-play title plays well on the hybrid console. The fact that the Switch version of Warframe will have content parity with other console versions sometime in 2019 should assure that it’s not compromised in any way. It makes good use of the Switch’s motion controls too.

Those who have already enjoyed playing Warframe on PC might be pleased to hear that they can migrate their account to Switch if they wish. Also, if you do start playing Warframe on Switch, you can claim some free goodies including a three day affinity booster and 50,000 credits by installing the Comms Segment in the Vor’s Prize tutorial quest and then checking your in-game message inbox before 4th December. Just be aware that you’ll need a constant internet connection to play though.