You Can Eat Real Lucio-Oh’s Later This Year

When he says, “Have some Lucio-Oh’s!”, he really means it.

Overwatch launched a teaser trailer for a cereal called Lucio-Oh’s made by Kellogg’s during yesterday’s Blizzcon. And it’s not a drill – it’s a real cereal that fans and food lovers alike can really eat! Everyone’s favourite upbeat musician from Overwatch, Lucio, is getting his own cereal reminiscent of the cereal that is canon in the game. Lucio-Oh’s will release in December of this year and they will be available for purchase online. Exactly where the cereal will be available has not been disclosed. Whether you’ll be able to grab ’em in your local Tesco or Wal-Mart remains to be seen, but we can always hope…

Along with some tasty cereal, each box will also come with unlockable in-game items. Look out for Lucio-Oh’s later this year and wall ride your way to a balanced breakfast.