Bitmap Brothers’ Classic GODS is Revived Today

Gods Remastered (1)

If, back in the day, you owned an Atari, you might fondly remember a game called GODS.

Developed by Bitmap Brothers and eventually ported to other formats such as the SEGA Mega Drive, GODS casts you as Hercules. He hopes to become immortal by reclaiming the Citadel of the Gods, which has been seized by four guardians who need to be defeated.

Originally released in 1991, GODS now looks rather dated. If you ask me, its gameplay is dated too, but if you’d still like to play it you might be pleased to hear that GODS Remastered debuts on Xbox One and PC today.

Brought to life by Robot Riot with the assistance of Mike Montgomery, one of the original developers of GODS and founder of Bitmap Brothers, GODS Remastered is essentially the original game with an optional visual makeover and a new soundtrack. With a simple push of a button you can switch between the original pixelated visuals of GODS or the clean yet still old fashioned visuals of GODS Remastered, complete with sumptuous lighting. Either way, the animations are still clunky.

I’ve played a little of GODS Remastered, and while its 2D platforming didn’t excite me, I can appreciate that it leaves the gameplay untouched for fans of the original game. But if you’ve never played GODS before, chances are it will have a hard time winning you over.

In any case, GODS Remastered is now available for £16.74 on Xbox One and PC. Check it out if you’ve ever found yourself thinking, “I’d really like to play that Bitmap Brothers classic, GODS, again”.