Damsel is an Exciting Platformer About Defeating Corporate Vampires


I’m thinking of joining the local vampire club. I hear they’re always on the lookout for new blood.

Wow, that was a terrible joke. Can we just forget that happened? Let’s start over. Damsel is a challenging action platformer from Screwtape Studios. It tells the story of Special Agent Damsel, one of the last lines of defence against the world of corporate vampires. The platforming and combat is smooth and the writing is clever and well written.

When you start Damsel, you’ll get a brief intro level where you’ll be introduced to the controls, but after that you’re pretty much on your own. By level four or five you’ll start to struggle, but the more you play, the more you get used to the controls. Damsel gets a badass shotgun, a powerful melee attack, and a dash move to help defeat the onslaught of vampires, save hostages, hack computer and get through each level with a great amount of pizzazz.


Between each action-platforming sequence, you’ll get a brief comic strip which is used to tell the story. It’s a unique way to make the players feel like they’re reading through a comic in between those awesome gaming portions. And I really fell in love with the graphics. The comic book portions are beautifully drawn and the action sequences are well animated, colourful and all around really crisp looking.

I highly recommend picking up Damsel if you’re looking for a new platformer that is sure to drive you batty. It’s available on Steam right now for $19.99/£15.49.