Drifting Gets Serious With Drift19


Most racing games made these days have drift events, but if you just want a pure drift experience you’re pretty much out of luck.

Developer ECC Games aims to rectify that with Drift19, a game purely focused on drifting. And it’s arriving on Steam in the first half of 2019.

Allowing you to rebuild classic drift cars and make them your own, Drift19 aims to let you fulfil your drifting fantasies. You’ll have your own personal track next to your garage, enabling you to hone your skills and test any tweaks you’ve made to your car’s setup. And when you’re ready to show the world what you’ve got, you’ll find a wealth of events waiting for you.

Steering wheel support is planned, meaning you’ll be able to really get immersed in the sideways action. And the screenshots on the game’s Steam store page show that it isn’t bad looking, either. All in all, Drift19 could turn out to be a rather essential package for drifting fans. It all depends on whether the game’s handling and physics are up to scratch. Only time will tell…