Five Christmas Movies We Want to See Made Into Games

There’s nothing better than watching a great Christmas film as chestnuts roast on an open fire (insert health and safety warning).

But films only go so far: we don’t want to just watch Christmas; we want to play it.

So we’ve made a list, and checked it twice, of five great Christmas films (yes, Jingle All The Way is a great film – fight me) that we think should be adapted into festive games for all to enjoy.

Don’t expect Die Hard though, Die Hard isn’t a Christmas film. Fight me again.


Home Alone

Kevin McCallister’s story has been adapted multiple times for consoles such as the SNES, NES, different Sega platforms, and the Game Boy. But we’re lacking a modern version. Kevin’s family constantly forgot about him at Christmas (kids, this is what the world was like before child services) and it seems the Christmas classic has been overlooked for recent consoles too.

Home Alone could make for a brilliant PvP. One player takes control of Kevin and lays traps, and two other players control Harry and Marv (who really are the more likeable characters…). The object is to either capture Kevin, or avoid Harry and Marv for a set time limit. It could be the game to bring the whole family together at Christmas (ironically).


Jingle All The Way

“Put that cookie down now!”

How is this not already in a game? Why has Arnold Schwarzenegger’s festive comedy been forgotten about like his son’s Turbo Man doll (action figure)? Playing as Arnie sounds like one of the best presents anyone could ever get, ever.

We want a Jingle All the Way beat ’em up style game. Arnie punches a policeman, the Dementor (Turbo Man’s enemy – not the Harry Potter kind) and even a reindeer. It’s just begging for a game adaptation! The scene where Arnie fights all the Santas would be so good as a game, and this time “I’m gonna deck your halls, bub.”


Arthur Christmas

Apart from a few short spinoff games, the animated adventure of Arthur has never been made into a full game. We find that pretty amazing, especially considering the humour and slapstick moments included within Arthur Christmas.

We think Arthur Christmas should be adapted into a sandbox platformer. We could explore various locations: from Santa’s workshop to the tropical islands when Arthur gets lost. Along the way the player could collect presents to ensure that every child gets the present they deserve at Christmas.


The Muppets Christmas Carol

Do you think Charles Dickens expected his excellent Christmas story to be best remembered because of some furry puppets? Maybe, maybe not (people in the Victorian Era were a little odd after all). But it’s crazy to think that the most famous adaption of the most adapted Christmas story hasn’t been made into a game.

The Muppets Christmas Carol boasts a wide range of unique characters, and the Victorian Christmas setting is beautiful, so there’s only one possible genre of game: a Mario Kart-style racing game. Imagine racing past St Paul’s Cathedral as Beaker, catching up on Tiny Tim who somehow is in first place, only to have Kermit (in last place) initiate a song and dance which delays all the other players, allowing Kermit to speed into first place. There’s only one word to describe that feeling: “meep”.



Pretty much every single scene of Elf would make a great game. Whether it’s producing a loud burp, crossing the busy roads of New York, or having a snowball fight. Elf is just so ridiculous that it’s no wonder it was adapted onto the Game Boy Advance: it’s perfect for a game.

But we think Elf should be made into a new game: one that is choice-driven. Imagine taking the role of Buddy and being able to step into his big elf shoes as he tries to interact with a whole new crazy world. Do you eat the gum stuck on the walls? Do you sing along with girls in the shower? It could even offer up new comedic moments, and it could be a Christmas masterpiece.