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Five Key Differences in Football Manager 2019 Touch on Nintendo Switch

Football Manager Touch is typically seen as the simplistic version of the classic PC game, Football Manager.

It’s the Neil Warnock of the football world trying to complete with the Pep Guardiola PC version. But, with Football Manager 2019 Touch for the Nintendo Switch, that is certainly not the case.

Here are five key differences between Football Manager 2019 Touch on iOS/Android and the Nintendo Switch, and reasons why the Switch offers a new level of football management realism.

1. 3D Match Engine

Football Manager on iOS/Android only allows for commentary on the game, meaning that you don’t get to actually witness the glory of scoring a screamer. In Football Manager 2019 Touch on Nintendo Switch, however, a full 3D match engine is available for players to get more immersed in the beautiful game.

It can be used for the whole game, for extended highlights, or just key moments. It’s a great addition that allows the player to fully immerse themselves in the world of football management.

2. Training methods

Training isn’t really something that players need to worry about on iOS/Android phones. It’s pretty much just buying and selling players, then hoping they play well. On the Switch, however, training routines and individual training methods are completely customisable. You’ll only get that beautiful ticka-tacka style of play if you train your players to play in that way.

3. Buying players

Buying players is not as simple as offering a set amount. The Switch version of Football Manager 2019 Touch allows for multiple clauses to be included, making those key deals much more realistic. Negotiations also take place with agents in real time, and balancing the books is much more important. Expect a much deeper level of gameplay on the Switch.

4. Setting up Tactics

Expect a lot more options when choosing a tactic on the Switch. Not only are the formations more varied, but the player roles included can be deeply customised. The analytical option also provides an explanation of areas of the pitch where the team is weakest, and fine tuning to the formation may be needed in order to fix this. Expect a much deeper tactical challenge that what the iOS/Android game offers.

5. Press Interaction

Sadly, Football Manager 2019 Touch still doesn’t include press conferences after every game. But it does allow for players to speak to the press, creating moments where you can interact with the press. You can also praise certain players, or build rapports with managers or agents, ensuring that deals are much easier with them. Sometimes, nice guys do finish first…

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