How to Beat the Dragon Boss in Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom

Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom 2 (1)
Monster Boy

Fighting dragons is never easy, so you might need help defeating the dragon boss in Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom.

When the fight against the dragon boss starts, it’s probably best for you to enter lion form. Also, make sure you have boots equipped that let you double jump. Then, get to work jumping and hitting the dragon’s head. It won’t look like you’re doing any damage, but don’t worry about that.

Once you’ve hit the dragon’s head enough, it’ll become dazed. At this point, use the lion form’s upward dash to smash the dragon’s head into the spikes on the ceiling. The dragon will roar in pain before flying into the background, and a platform will appear on the ground. When a targeting reticule appears on the screen, move as far away from the platform as possible and wait for the reticule to turn red. When it does, dash out of the way of the dragon’s impending attack.

After dashing at the screen, the dragon will then land and send waves of magma at you. Avoid them using your dash ability, then get ready to start hitting the dragon’s head again.

After hitting the dragon’s head enough times to make it dazed again, try to use the raised platform to crash into it from the side using your dash attack to send it flying into a set of spikes at the side of the screen. If successful, another platform will be raised, and the dragon will retreat again, ready to fly at you.

When the targeting reticule appears this time, be mindful of the positions of the platforms that are on screen. Ideally, you want to keep any platforms that will enable you to smash the dragon’s head into the spikes on the other side of the screen than before. As usual, wait for the reticule to turn red before dashing away.

Once the dragon flies at the screen you’ll need to avoid its lava attacks again before pounding on its head once more. Ideally, you’ll want to smash the dragon’s head into the remaining side spikes this time, but that might not be possible if there are no platforms you can use. You might have to smash his head into some spikes on the ceiling instead.

Whichever you have to do, you should have the formula down by now: hit its head to daze it, smash it into spikes with a dashing attack, avoid it as it flies towards the screen, then avoid its magma attacks. Rinse and repeat and you’ll eventually emerge victorious. It’s just tricky if you don’t use the spikes on both sides of the screen as soon as you can.

After hitting the dragon’s head into all five sets of spikes, yet another of Monster Boy in the Cursed Kingdom‘s bosses will have been defeated. And now, you can turn into a dragon. Awesome!