I Can’t Stop Attaching Balloons to People in Just Cause 4

Just Cause 4

Available now on PS4, Xbox One and PC, I haven’t really progressed very far into Just Cause 4‘s story yet.

Granted, with so many great new releases vying for my attention, I haven’t yet been able to truly throw myself into it. But every time I have found myself booting Just Cause 4 up to spend some time with Rico Rodriguez, I haven’t been able to stop myself making the lives of NPCs hell.

A mere 30 minutes or so into Just Cause 4 you can unlock a tool that has so much potential for mischief: tethered balloons. You simply aim at the person/object you want to attach one to, hold down the fire button for a second or so, then release. Et voila! You’ve taken your first steps toward tethered balloon addiction.


The best thing about tethered balloons is that you can attach up to ten of them to any object, and also choose whether you want them to inflate automatically or not. There are three inflation levels, too, determining how fast they’re likely to whisk an object (or person) to the clouds. So of course I like sticking them to people and watching them fly.

Left alone, a person with a balloon attached will simply hover in the air. That’s not much fun though, really, is it? What I like to do is hit them with a balloon, manually inflate it to maximum capacity, then, when they’re at a great height, retract the balloon to make it pop. My victim then plummets to the floor in spectacular fashion. Just make sure you’re not underneath them when they land.

If watching people fall from great heights isn’t entertaining enough, why not spice things up by fly-kicking them while they fall, too? Simply tap the tether button while aiming at an airborne NPC and Rico Rodriguez will kick them like they’ve never been kicked before, adding some horizontal motion to their descent. Though of course, it means Rico might fall from a great height, too. Better have that parachute or wing suit at the ready.

Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that Just Cause 4 is just fun. It’s not the best-looking game, nor am I expecting much from its campaign. But very few games prompt me to spend so much time just larking around like an idiot as Just Cause 4 does. And that must mean something.