JCB Pioneer: Mars is Coming to Nintendo Switch Very Soon

Driving a digger in space is probably not something you’ve put a great deal of thought into. But you should. And thanks to JCB Pioneer: Mars, it doesn’t have to be a pipe dream. You can actually do it. Well, virtually, of course.

We played JCB Pioneer: Mars on Steam last year when it first launched into Early Access. And let me tell you, it’s a hell of a lot of fun. There’s a range of officially-licensed JCB vehicles to commandeer, each having specific functions. You’ll have to navigate the harsh, dusty terrains of Mars, all while completing various quests with the aim of making Mars ripe for colonisation.

Driving a videogame JCB isn’t quite as fun as driving a real JCB (trust me; we’ve done it), but it’s still pretty exciting – especially with an uninhabited planet as your giant sandbox to drive around in. And now, it’s coming to Nintendo Switch, refined for the handheld experience.

JCB Pioneer: Mars will launch on Switch on 24th December in Europe and Australia, and on 3rd January in North America. The Switch version of the game has tonnes of improvements over the Steam Early Access version, including a more refined user interface, better performance, new tools and better gameplay mechanics.

Diggers might not excite you that much, but JCB Pioneer: Mars is unlike anything else you’re likely to play on Switch, and for that reason alone it’s well worth a look. It’ll retail for £20/$25 when it launches on Christmas Eve/3rd January.