Jenny LeClue Detectivu Releasing on Switch in 2019

I’m going to detect the crap out of this!

Indie studio Mografi announced today that the much anticipated Kickstarted game Jenny LeClue Detectivu will be releasing on Nintendo Switch along with the already promised PS4 and PC versions.

Jenny LeClue is a narrative focused exploration game set in the town of Arthurton. In the game, Jenny is forced to hone her detective skills and, when her mother is suddenly accused of murder, try to figure out what really happened. Jenny will use her abilities to scrutinise the environment and pay close attention to her subjects in order to reveal if they’re telling the truth or lying.

Jenny LeClue will have a rich environment including abandoned mines, the forgotten graveyard, the misty mountains and more all in a beautiful hand-drawn world with a mid-20th century aesthetic.

Check out the new trailer for the adorable Jenny LeClue Detectivu below and look forward to the game coming in 2019!