Numskull’s Resident Evil 2 Merchandise Lets You Enjoy the Smell of Rotting Flesh (Possibly)


Have you ever wondered what a zombie smells like? Rotting flesh is our guess, but we really can’t imagine Numskull Designs’ upcoming zombie-scented candle to smell like that.

Set to coincide with the release of the Resident Evil 2 remake for PS4, Xbox One and PC on 25th January, Numskull Designs’ merchandise range is sure to delight fans of the series. Alongside the intriguing Resident Evil 2 zombie scented candle, other objects you’ll probably desire include a great looking R.P.D. collector’s pin, a flashlight keychain, an R.P.D. steel mug, and more. Take a look at the collector’s pin below and tell us you don’t want one.


You can browse the entire Numskull Designs Resident Evil 2 merchandise range right here. Although please note, we won’t be held responsible for any damage done to your bank balance as a result of you preordering everything. Numskull Designs’ Geek Store ships worldwide, so no matter where you live you can fill your life with Resident Evil 2 accessory goodness.