PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Vikendi Map Has Officially Launched on PC

For all you players still working towards that winner, winner, chicken dinner PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds just released their new map.

PUBG Corporation released its fourth map Vikendi today on PC. Appropriate for winter time, Vikendi has snowy mountains, snowfields as well as frozen lakes.

Beat the cold in Vikendi’s 6×6 environment small enough for players to memorise their favourite hideout spots. Don’t be mistaken though, the map is also large enough that players will be able to explore a wide range of European-style cities, the Cosmodrome, snowy forests, and the Dino Park with central maze.


Some of the new things that players will notice is that vehicles will leave realistic track marks in the snow allowing clever players to hunt down others that might be unsuspecting. Weather will be changing around the map whether it be light to heavy snow, clear skies, or strong winds.

Players can loot a G36C rife, a new 5.56 mm assult rifle that are both exclusives to Vikendi.

Also going live today is Survivor Pass: Vikendi which allows players over the course of a few weeks to to earn exclusive skins and rewards by completing 300+ missions or by simply playing the game. Access to the pass is completely free, but exclusive missions, faster leveling, and additional rewards can be earned by purchasing the Premium Pass.

View the Vikendi Gameplay trailer below.