Rain World Receives New Modes and Physical Edition

Revisit the beautiful settings in Rain World with the addition of brand new modes.

Adult Swim Games have announced that their survivor platformer Rain World is going to be receiving a new update tomorrow, December 21st accompanied by a physical release of the game.


In Rain World you play as Slugcat who lives a world full of danger. Search for your missing family dodging predators at every turn. Survive by hibernating, eating, and navigating a map of over 1,600 rooms.

There are two new game modes for people to explore with the new edition of the game. The Monk mode is for players who prefer a slower, more relaxed experience. While playing as The Monk, there are fewer enemies and more food readily available. The Hunter Mode is for players who want the difficulty of Rain World upped even more. The amount of food required to hibernate has increased and there are newly added unique enemies.

This new update also sees the addition of Multiplayer and Sandbox Modes. Play with friends in a customisable arena that lets you choose everything you wish to face from the types of monsters, the level of aggression of enemies, and the amount of time before the rain destroys everyone. Once an arena is created you’ll be put up against other Slugcats online or Slugcats who you know personally – your friends!

Adult Swim Games is also partnering with Limited Run Games to release a physical edition of Rain World PS4 which is releasing alongside the vinyl release of Rain World’s soundtrack. Limited Run Games will be releasing a Collector’s Edition of its PS4 release which includes the game, an exclusive art print, a Slugcat plushie, and the vinyl soundtrack for $79.99.

Head over to limitedrungames.com first thing on the 21st to get in your pre-order before they sell out!