TERA is Getting a New Character, Valkyrie, in January

The Mighty Valkyrie hits TERA next month.

En Masse Entertainment announced today that Xbox One and PlayStation 4 TERA players can look forward to a brand new character landing January 8th.

The Valkyrie is described as a hard-hitting, quick-moving character armed with a deadly runeglaive that favours stealth. When Valkyrie strikes her target, she leaves a runemark behind which she can trigger later to deal huge amounts of damage to the target.


Players can take part in a Valkyrie level up event with in-game item awards plus double XP for the first week after her launch.

Also in celebration of the Valkyrie’s release anyone who logs in to TERA before January 25th will receive a free character slot to be sure they have room for this awesome new character.

Check out the teaser trailer for Valkyrie below.