The Best Christmas Gifts For Zelda Fans

Buying Christmas gifts can be more tricky than completing the Water Temple.

But this year there’s no need for fear! We’ve got the top 10 gifts that would make any Zelda fan’s Christmas legendary. All you will need to do is put the gift in a treasure chest and ensure the iconic music is being played when they open their gift.


Dark Horse Zelda Books

Dark Horse have created a new Triforce: one that focuses solely on wisdom. Their books are must haves for any Zelda fan and would make a fine addition to anyone’s collection.

Hyrule Historia is the first of the three, and focuses on the history of all things Zelda. It’s currently available on Amazon for £23/$15.

Art and Artifacts examines the items which are iconic within The Legend of Zelda franchise. It also provides some insight into the art direction for the series. It’s currently available on Amazon for £23/$26.

The Legend of Zelda Encyclopedia is the most comprehensive collection of all things Zelda. Less about the development of the series, and more of a focus on everything within the games. It is currently available on Amazon for £23/$28.


The Legend of Zelda Manga

Written by Akira Himekawa, the Manga series adapts the games by adding more character to each version of Link. The art style is great, and each in Himekawa series has its own merit.

Most of the Himekawa Manga series has also been made into a ‘Legendary’ edition, making them perfect gifts! They include some coloured pages and a more durable cover. Ocarina of Time Parts 1 and 2 is a standout in this collection, and is available from Amazon for about £8/$8.


First 4 Figures Zelda collection

First 4 Figures are known for their high-end statues, figures, and iconic items. If you’re willing to spend a lot of rupees this Christmas then the life-size Majora’s Mask is a beautiful item, currently being sold for $355.

If you want a high end item without the high price then First 4 Figures have also released a more affordable range of figures. Most recently they released their Link from Breath of the Wild figure, which you can get from Amazon.


Zelda Monopoly

The board game that always causes arguments over Christmas can now be played in Zelda style. Use your rupees to buy iconic areas from each Zelda game and ensure that you rule Hyrule. It’s currently available from Amazon.


Master Sword Replica

What would Link be without his trusted Master Sword? And what would any Zelda fan be without a Master Sword replica? Available from Amazon, it will make any fan the true hero of Hyrule.


Zelda Chess

Want to put your wisdom to the test? Zelda chess is a great opportunity to do just that. It’s a beautiful high end item which would delight any Zelda fan. It’s available from Amazon.


Replica Ocarina

The Zelda franchise is known for its music, and this was best incorporated in The Ocarina of Time where an instrument became a key part of the game. With this replica ocarina it’s now possible to relive some of those moments and play your own way. You can get your own from Amazon.


Zelda hat

Winter is coming, and with that cold conditions that are similar to Zora’s Domain after being frozen. This beanie will keep them warm, and also show off their love for Zelda. Get it now from Amazon.


Triforce light

Ensure that a Zelda fan’s decor shows their passion by gifting them this unique light. Shaped in the style of the iconic Triforce, it’s available from Amazon.


Zelda puzzle

This beautiful puzzle shows off the map for Hyrule and is great for any Zelda fan. With 550 pieces it’ll keep them going all of Christmas Day! It’s available now from Amazon.