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The 30 Best Games of 2018

2018 has been a phenomenal year for games. No matter your preference in genre, format or experience, there’s been a stand-out game to suit you. Here are the 30 games that have stood out most to us this year.

30Nintendo Labo


“Nintendo Labo is, in a word, unconventional. Merging the worlds of crafting and gaming together, this a labour of love. The team at Nintendo has given us something so novel and purely imaginative. Time and again, Nintendo reminds us that the heart of gaming is built from passion, creativity, and imagination. It has continuously doubled down on its base of providing fun for kids, families, and kids at heart. Nintendo has never chased after others, or even followed the road; since the beginning, it has blazed their own trial. My gaming heart, no matter where it takes me, will always come home to Nintendo. Because it understands that at the bottom of all this, we’re all just trying to have fun.”

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