Tips to Help You Conquer Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom

Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom 4 (1)

Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom is hard. It’s the type of game that will make you rage at times.

Having played the game, we’ve got some tips that might make your time with it a bit easier though. They might even make you enjoy Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom more.

So, if you’re currently playing through or planning on playing through Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom in the near future, make use of our guidance and enjoy all that the game has to offer.

  • You can choose whether the left and right triggers simply switch between your available forms or bring up a radial menu in the options menu. You can also change whether the left and right bumper buttons cycle through your available spells or bring up a radial menu for them.
  • Some enemies can be eaten in frog form. Simply use your tongue to grab them from a distance and eat them up. It’s particularly useful for getting rid of pesky flies.
  • Equip heavy boots to stop you getting blown away from fans. They’re not only useful for deep water exploration!
  • On the topic of underwater exploration, use your frog form to swim underwater freely. Frogs can breathe underwater, unlike pigs, snakes, dragons and lions.
  • You can hit concrete blocks from below using your lion form’s upwards charge to catapult them into the air.
  • Want to understand what ghosts are saying? You can turn on ghost language translations in the options menu.
  • Want to get across a body of water or poison? You can dash across the top of them using your lion form’s charge. Be careful to watch out for any obstacles that lie ahead though.
  • You can safely push down lava streams using the pig form’s downwards slam attack once you’ve made a crust on top of them using Ice Boots.
  • Low on health or supplies? Once you’ve got the teleportation wand, you can make a portal anywhere, allowing you to travel back to town to refill your health and magic, as well as buy new equipment. Simply head back to a portal to return to where you left off.
  • Look out for faint clouds in environments – using your pig form, they can lead to the discovery of clues and secret doors.
  • Take a health potion into boss fights to give you an extra chance. Although if you die often enough, you’ll start to get help to give you an easier time.
  • Upgrade your ice sword to be able to freeze fire enemies, projectiles, bodies of water and lava. Sometimes they make useful platforms…