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Ubisoft Just Teased A New Far Cry Game

Far Cry New Dawn

Will players be going back to Hope County one more time?

Ubisoft has just teased a new Far Cry trailer – and we’re infinitely intrigued. It looks like it’s possibly set after the events of Far Cry 5; the video shows what looks like Hope County with a nuclear blast going off in the background. We also get a glimpse of someone using a buzzsaw as a crossbow. Talk about bad ass.

The only other information currently revealed about this new Far Cry game is that it will be releasing for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. We know it’s a new game rather than DLC, but whether it’s Far Cry 6 or a standalone spin-off of Far Cry 5 is yet to be revealed.

We don’t have to wait long, though. It’s being revealed tonight at The Game Awards which you can watch on YouTube, Twitch, and a variety of other places online. The Game Awards will be on tonight – 5.30pm PST. For those of us in the UK, though, that means staying up late into the wee hours: it kicks off at 1.30am for us. Check out the teaser below.

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