2Locker Surprise (Silent Hill 1)

Silent Hill is known for letting the feeling of dread set in as you move through the game, constantly wondering what will happen next. Just when you start to feel secure and safe, something falls out of a locker making a loud noise, also making you crap your pants in the process. A body falls out of a locker to be exact.

During one moment in the first game, Harry wanders into a locker room and finds one locker covered in blood and rattling as though something is inside. When you open the locker you’re expecting something to jump out at you, you’re bracing for it. Everything is clenched and then, there’s nothing. Just a whole lot of blood. But, you’re not going to get off that easy. As you go to leave, not seconds after you’ve taken a relieved breath, a body falls out of a locker in front of you. Probably scaring you half to death and quite possibly forcing you to rush to the bathroom. Classic Silent Hill.