3Eileen’s Giant Face (Silent Hill 4: The Room)

Eileen Galvin is Henry Townsend’s neighbour in Silent Hill 4: The Room. During the game, at St. Jerome’s hospital, a giant Eileen head may appear. What’s creepy about this, other than the fact that it’s a giant freaking head, is that the eyes will follow Harry as he moves around the room. The head will also make creepy breathing sounds. Later, with Eileen actually accompanying him, the head will still appear in this room though it takes no notice of Eileen herself, always following Henry.

Every encounter in Silent Hill is seemingly a manifestation or representation of someone (or something) significant in the lives of the protagonists. Maria in Silent Hill 2, for example, looks practically identical to the protagonist’s wife Mary. Eileen’s giant head in Silent Hill 4 is just another intriguing example of the ways that the characters imaginations can create horrific manifestations.