Bungie Splits From Activision, Will Self-Publish Destiny

Destiny 2 Forsaken (1)-min

Destiny 2 has fallen a little out of favour as of late, but maybe things are about to change.

Announced via its blog, Bungie is to sever its ties with current Destiny publisher Activision, with the process of transferring the game’s publishing rights already set in motion. Bungie is essentially about to go indie.

Bungie has expressed its thanks to Activision, stating that Destiny couldn’t have got this far without its support. After eight years though, it now feels confident in taking the leap.


So, what’s next for Bungie? Well, it appears the studio will remain committed to Destiny. “With Forsaken, we’ve learned, and listened, and leaned in to what we believe our players want from a great Destiny experience. Rest assured there is more of that on the way.”, the blog states. More seasonal content is also confirmed, as well as some announcements for lies beyond which Bungie states will surprise its community.

Hopefully this will be a turning point for the Destiny franchise, which has lost some fans due to its monetisation, sub-par post-launch content and deceptive gameplay mechanics.  Were they due to Activision as people so often suggest? We’ll probably find out soon.