Here’s Every Safe Combination in Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 2 3
Resident Evil 2

As you make your way through Resident Evil 2, you’ll find a number of safes that hold valuable goodies.

In order to find the combinations for them you’ll need to scour any documents that you find, but if you’re struggling, we have them for you right here.

Safe in Police Station, West Office: 9 left, 15 right, 7 left
Safe in Police Station, 2nd Floor Waiting Room: 6 left, 2 right, 11 left
Safe in Sewers, Treatment Pool Room: 2 left, 12 right, 8 left

If you’ve never had the task of opening a safe before, here’s how you do it: simply move to each number in the direction indicated one after another. For example, for the first safe you need to rotate the dial to number 9 by pressing left, then 15 pressing right, and then 7 pressing left. After reaching the last number, you should now be able to open it up.


There are only three safes in Resident Evil 2. You’ll want to open them all as they contain items such as weapon upgrades and additional hip pouches. There’s also an achievement/trophy for opening all safes and lockers in the game. If you need the locker combinations, you can find them here.

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