Hey Guess What? Kingdom Hearts 3 is Finally Out Today

It’s been 13 years since we last had a mainline Kingdom Hearts game.

Yes, of course there’s been countless other games in the franchise released over the years, and we’ve had the first two games remastered for PlayStation 3, then again for PlayStation 4. It’s hardly like Kingdom Hearts has been missing from our lives for a long time. But Kingdom Hearts 3 is the big one. It’s a proper, numbered release. It’s what we’ve all been waiting eagerly for, since we first played Kingdom Hearts II on our PlayStation 2s.

And it’s finally out. Today. Right now. We now live in a world where Kingdom Hearts 3 is a real object that you can actually buy from a store. It’s no longer just a pipe dream.


I’m excited to jump into it, to see what Sora’s next main adventure has in store. It’s downloading on my Xbox One X right now as we speak – the first (and so far, only) Kingdom Hearts title to be made available on Xbox One. It contains worlds based on some of my favourite Disney/Pixar movies – Toy Story and Monsters, Inc., and so I can’t wait to explore them.

I’m also excited to see how the game’s core gameplay – combat and exploration – has evolved over time. Hell, I’m excited to see everything.

Reviews so far – relatively few as they may be – have been largely positive. There are no “perfect” scores, but there are no negative reviews, either. It’s a game that fans have been waiting for for over a decade, and all we can do is hope it delivers.

We’ve been waiting a long time to find out – and the wait is almost over. I know what I’m doing when I’ve finished work this evening. We’ll have impressions of the game in the next couple of days, and a review soon.

Not pre-ordered the game? Pick up Kingdom Hearts 3 on Amazon.