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How the Nintendo Switch Could Dominate in 2019 Too

Nintendo’s first party game lineup in 2019 means that is could be another year of celebration for the Switch.

According to a recent Fortune article, the Nintendo Switch has “outpaced” both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, making it the “fastest-selling video game system” in the US. 2018 has been a fantastic year for the Switch, with both Let’s Go Eevee/Pikachu and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate selling very well.

There have been doubts about how the Switch could continue to succeed in 2019, especially considering that the majority of its first party IPs have already been used, but the 2019 lineup of games indicates that Nintendo still has a lot up its sleeve. In fact, it could even be a more successful year than 2018.

On January 11th, New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe will release, and once again Mario will jump onto Nintendo Switch. The highly entertaining platformer could maintain the Switch’s high sales past the holiday season and into the new year. The January release date could ensure that sales for Nintendo continue to soar, and that the Switch continues to out-sell both Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Mario’s brother Luigi could also greatly add to Nintendo’s sales figures with the release of Luigi’s Mansion 3. The third instalment of the very popular franchise is guaranteed to do well for the Switch. Nintendo fans have also been calling out for another addition to a beloved franchise, and Nintendo has promised delivered once more with a new Animal Crossing. It’s sure to be another huge title for the Switch in 2019 – providing we do see it during this year, of course.

But Nintendo also have some heavy hitters waiting to be used in 2019 as well. Metroid 4 could be one of the biggest sellers for the console, if not for the whole industry. Plus Bayonetta 3 is scheduled for release at some point this year. These two games alone could make Nintendo dominate the gaming industry in 2019.

There’s also the mysterious Pokemon RPG set to release. Expectations are very high for next evolution in the franchise, and if it meets those expectations then it could be as big as Breath of the Wild or Super Mario Odyssey.

2018 was a brilliant year for the Nintendo Switch, and despite some concerns about third party support, it looks like Nintendo could well be set to dominate 2019 too. Time will soon tell.

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