How to Access Geo-Blocked Games From Everywhere

If you are an avid gamer, you know that different versions of games are sometimes geo-blocked.

Have you already been in a situation when you can’t enjoy the game you’ve long wished? Experienced gamers know that there is a valid method to access geo-blocked games from any country. Don’t know? Want to know the best part of it? It will be covered further in the article, so let’s delve a bit more deeply.

Why do gaming companies restrict access regionally?

There are two main reasons why games aren’t available for all regions: business and censorship.

Prices on games differ from country to country and depend, for example, on the strength of currency or taxes. Thus, a citizen of the USA where a game may be more expensive would want to obtain it cheaper. But it’s possible if paying from the country where it’s available at that price. Moreover, games released by big companies are often restricted to protect local businesses.

Another reason is censorship. Lots of countries’ governments are strict towards this issue. For example, the Chinese government has banned about 10000 domain names because of their internet censorship. Games aren’t an exception.

Still, restrictions don’t stop users from buying games, and there are ways to get around them if you’d rather play another country’s version of a game.

What are the tools to access games from anywhere?

There’s the best way to access games restricted in your country: change your geo-location (not physically, but virtually). How can you do it?

Connect to Virtual Private Network

Having connected to Virtual Private Network, or simply VPN, gamers can hide their real geo-locations by changing IP addresses. After an authentic IP is changed, it’s possible to purchase a game from another region. (If you haven’t heard of VPN, have a look the article for better understanding of how this technology works.). It’s worth mentioning that a VPN shouldn’t be leaky so that your real IP address is hidden when you buy a game from another country.

Use proxy servers

Proxy servers work in a similar way. They also help to change true IPs and access geo-blocked games. Still, free proxies aren’t as efficient and reliable as VPNs tend to be. Have a look at the reasons below:

  • Proxy servers are often overcrowded, which results in limited bandwidth. That’s not efficient for competitive games.
  • Proxy servers often leak IPs, which is the key factor pay attention to.

Now you know how to have global access to games from your country. Enjoy gaming and be in the loop!

Written by Dainan Gilmore, an enthusiastic expert in cybersecurity who works as a Cryptanalyst for