Which Javelin Should You Use in Anthem?

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Obviously, the question of which Javelin is superior in Anthem is one that will be based on personal preference.

We can, however, tell you the benefits of each Javelin class, allowing you to choose which one you think is right for you. So, before choosing your first Javelin, see which one lines up best with your usual playstyle. Although you’ll end up unlocking all Javelins eventually, anyway.


Ultimate Ability: Assassin’s Blades


From the quick secondary abilities like throwing stars to the enemy-marking abilities that weaken them, the Interceptor is our Javelin of choice. The fastest of the bunch with an absolutely gorgeous ultimate ability, it’s an absolute blast to play with an Interceptor. Despite how quick and powerful the Interceptor is in combat, our favourite part about it is probably the ability to chain dodges on both the ground and in the air. If you’re a fan of being a ghost on the battlefield, we highly suggest making the Interceptor your Javelin of choice in Anthem.


Ultimate Ability: Elemental Storm

In our opinion, the Storm Javelin comes a very close second to the Interceptor Javelin. While few other Javelin abilities focus heavily on elemental power, the Storm lives and breathes destructive elemental power. Gliding just above the ground, floating effortlessly above combat, or raining down lightning from above; no matter the calling, Storm can handle it. In terms of animation and style, Storm definitely takes the cake. Playing Anthem with a Storm Javelin certainly makes it more fun.


Ultimate Ability: Micro-Missiles

The Javelin to please everyone, the Ranger is the jack of all trades. Preciously towing the line between defence and offence, the Ranger is perhaps the most versatile of all Javelin classes. Basically, without being overly flashy, the Ranger gets the job done. Create shield bubbles, throw grenades, or unleash a hailstorm of missiles on your opponents. It is nice that the middle-ground class in Anthem doesn’t feel wasted or weak.


Ultimate Ability: Siege Cannon

If you’re a fan of bulky tank characters in most games, the Colossus Javelin will probably be your best choice in Anthem. The Colossus carries a massive shield rather than having a dodge ability, and, for the most part, is just bigger and stronger version of the Ranger Javelin. Out of all the ultimate abilities, however, we’d say the Colossus has the most underwhelming.

Since each Javelin is capable of using any weapon in the game, choose which one you want to use based on their inherent traits. Guns in Anthem are fairly run of the mill. They get the job done without much pizzazz. The real magic in Anthem lies the unique abilities that each Javelin has. Try them all as you unlock them, as that’s the only way you’ll find which one suits you the best.