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How to Complete Hitman 2’s Hokkaido Snow Festival in Under Two Minutes

Like a sudden snowfall, IO Interactive has released a “new” Hitman 2 mission, a variation on Hitman’s Hokkaido Hospital level.

Your target in the mission is Dmitri Fedorov, a fireworks magnate who couldn’t give two hoots about safety. Sounds like a cue to stalk him through the facility, plotting his demise?

Maybe, but there’s a way to kill him and make good your escape in under two minutes, without changing costume. Here’s how:

  1. As soon as the mission starts, turn right, go through the bar and head to the main courtyard.
  2. When you go through the courtyard doors, turn around and grab the icicle hanging by the door.
  3. Fedorov will be in the courtyard, with a guard. Wait till he starts to move up the slope at the back of the courtyard.
  4. Aim the icicle at his head so it’s highlighted by an orange circle, being careful not to target the guard.
  5. Release the throw button and you’ll kill him with the icicle.
  6. Run across the small bridge, through the set of doors near it.
  7. Head downstairs, turn right till you can see the long glass hallway that leads to the exit.
  8. Run to the exit, and you’re away.

If all has gone well, no-one will know you were the guilty party and you’ll make it out in under two minutes. You can see us complete the Hokkaido Snow Festival level in under two minutes in the video below.

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