How to Fix the Bridge in Pikuniku

Out today on PC and Switch, Pikuniku is an absolutely delightful adventure game that has you solving puzzles across a colourful world.

When starting the game, you’ll find yourself walking across a bridge – but it breaks! Oh no. The villagers ain’t happy with you, and hold you captive until you promise you’ll fix their broken bridge. But how do you fix the bridge in Pikuniku? Easy – here’s how.

Fixing the bridge is actually pretty straightforward, but you can be fooled into thinking it’s more complex than it is (cough like I was…).

Once you’re released from captivity, you’ll find yourself in the village where you can wander around freely. There are side quests to complete if you want, but you don’t need to do anything before you fix the bridge. Simply walk over to the left, through the village and keep going until you reach where the bridge was. You can jump into the water below.

The jump onto the left banking looks a little high – and I was fooled into thinking it was too high to jump – but line it up just right and you can make it.

Once you’re over onto the left-hand side of the river, interact with the tree – there’s a spider living in it. He’ll jump down on a web, and you can talk to him – but he’s not willing to help you fix the bridge. Simply kick him, and he’ll fly across the river, leaving a web-spun bridge in his path.

How a spiderweb is strong enough to create a full-blown bridge we’ll never know – but the world of Pikuniku works in mysterious ways. Now the bridge is fixed, the villagers will start being much nicer to you. Yay!