How to Save Your Game in Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 2

While navigating the horrors of Raccoon City Police Department, you’ll want to make sure you’re saving your progress regularly. Here’s everything you need to know about saving your game in Resident Evil 2.

How easy it is to save depends on what difficulty you’re playing on. If you choose Assisted (i.e. easy mode) or Standard, you can freely use save points, and the game will create autosaves at key moments should you die, so you can continue without losing too much progress.

On Hardcore difficulty, however, things are a little tougher. The game won’t create any autosaves for you, so if you die, you’ll need to restart from your last manual save. And manual saves aren’t so easy, either. You can’t just walk up to a save point and use it whenever you like: you have to have first found a typewriter ribbon to be able to use it.


Saving your game in Assisted and Standard difficulty

To save your game in Resident Evil 2 when you’re playing on Assisted or Standard difficulty, you simply need to interact with a typewriter. You can then create a new save slot (or overwrite an existing one), and when you quit your game you’ll continue from that very spot.

You don’t need to have any item in your inventory to interact with the typewriter, so you can save as many times as you want. Handily, typewriters are marked on your map (once you’ve found them).

Playing on Assisted and Standard difficulty also means the game creates temporary autosave files at regular intervals while you’re playing. These mean that should you die during a boss fight or at the hands of a particularly nasty enemy, you have the option to ‘continue’, and the game will restart you only a few minutes back from where you die.

However, those autosave files won’t be there for you to restart the game from if you quit. So make sure you find a typewriter and manually save before you turn the game off for the night!

Saving your game in Hardcore difficulty

If you’re brave enough to be playing Resident Evil in hardcore difficulty, saves are handled a little differently. As we’ve already mentioned, those temporary autosaves won’t be created, so the only checkpoints you have are your own manual saves.

And use those manual saves wisely and sparingly. To be able to use a typewriter to save you game, you first need to have found a typewriter ribbon. These are dotted around Resident Evil 2‘s environments, and will take up inventory space, so be sure to manage them wisely.

When you’re settling in for a long play session, it may be a good idea to have one or two stashed away in a safe box (most of which are next to a save point anyway) so they’re ready for whenever you need to save. Don’t save too often, but save often enough that you won’t lose too much important progress if you die.

Just watch out for those lickers. And that Tyrant. And the G virus. Damn, Raccoon City is one hell of a dangerous place…

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