How to Unlock the 4th Survivor Mode in Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 2 Hunk

Just like in the original Resident Evil 2, there’s an unlockable 4th Survivor mode in the remake, too.

Challenging you to make your way from Raccoon City’s sewers up to the police station’s helipad with limited supplies, it’s a short but enjoyable challenge that is likely to have you returning to it time and time again. And in this remake of Resident Evil 2 it’s not too hard to unlock.

While in the original Resident Evil 2 you had to complete both of the game’s scenarios with an A ranking to unlock the 4th Survivor mode, in this remake all you have to do is view the game’s best ending. That means you simply need to beat both scenarios on any difficulty, regardless of your rank.


Once you’ve completed both scenarios, you can access the 4th Survivor mode by going into the Extra Modes option on the main menu. Though be warned, it’s no walk in the park!

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