How to Unlock the Second Scenario in Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 2 Remake-min

Whichever character you choose to play Resident Evil 2 the first time with, much of the game will remain the same.

It’s only in the later stages of the game that Leon and Claire’s stories diverge on your first playthrough, meaning playing through the game again with the opposite character can feel a bit samey. Luckily though, there’s a second scenario which changes things up more to keep the game fresh. Completing the second scenario is also how you view Resident Evil 2‘s best ending.

To unlock the second scenario you need to complete the game on any difficulty. Completing the game with Leon first will unlock Claire’s second scenario, while completing the game as Claire will unlock Leon’s second scenario. To see everything that Resident Evil 2 has to offer you then, you’re going to have to complete the game four times.


To start the second scenario, select the New Game (2nd Run) option on the main menu. After selecting the character you wish to play as (once you’ve unlocked both Leon and Claire’s second scenarios), you’ll be able to select your difficulty and jump into the action.

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