How to Use Defensive Weapons in Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 2

Getting attacked by monsters in Resident Evil 2 isn’t good. Not only might it frighten you a little, but you’ll find your character’s health depleted too.

Thankfully though, there’s something you can do avoid being bit and worse: use defensive items.

While knives, flashbangs and grenades are useful for injuring and/or disorienting enemies, they’re generally better suited to getting you out of tight spots. Equipping a sub-weapon in your inventory allows you to quickly make use of it with a couple of buttons. You can slash at enemies with a knife, for example, or throw a grenade. Even better though, is the fact that equipping a sub-weapon also enables you to use it defensively when an enemy grabs you or has you pinned.


When such instances occur, a button prompt will appear onscreen if you have a sub-weapon equipped. Quickly press it and you’ll avoid taking damage while also hindering the enemy that attacked you. If you have a knife equipped you’ll stab the enemy with it, making them reel backwards. If you have a flashbang or grenade equipped, you’ll often stuff it into the enemies mouth, making them recoil before it goes off.

Honestly, knives are the best sub-weapons to use defensively. If you recover them from the bodies of enemies after using them, they can save your life multiple times. Flashbangs and grenades are understandably only usable once. Grenades are also much less effective when stuffed into an enemy’s mouth.

Make good use of defensive items in Resident Evil 2 and you’ll find yourself avoiding taking damage quite often. Carrying a knife with you at all times might just mean the difference between survival and an agonising death.

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