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Meditations Lets You Play A New Short Game Every Day

Sometimes it really helps your mental health to take a short break just for yourself each and every day.

And that is exactly what the project Meditations is all about. Meditations is a launcher that loads a small game every day during 2019 as a distraction, lesson, meditation or inspiration for that day.

Dreamt up by by Vlambeer co-founder Rami Ismail, Meditations was inspired by his time playing the indie game TEMPRES. A minimalist puzzle game that takes only a few minutes to play, Ismail pondered the idea of having a new, similar game to play every day. And so, he reached out to over 350 indie developers, and Meditations was born.

Downloading Meditations’ launcher will give you access to one game each day of 2019, each one made by a different indie developer. Developers were asked to think of a day or a moment that inspired them and create a short, five minute or less game – or “meditation” – for others to play and reflect on. Each game was developed in around six hours, and while only three have rolled out so far, we expect every day to offer a very different experience from the last. Many of them will cover difficult topics, but each of them encourages you to think and be present in that moment for less than five minutes once a day.

To download the launcher visit the official website. If you wish to discuss the current day’s meditation use #meditationgames on Twitter or reach out to the developer directly by finding their contact information on the left hand side of the launcher each day. It’s a super inspiring project, and we can’t wait to see how it pans out over the course of the year.

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