Metro Exodus Receives New Weapons Trailer

Check out the incredible arsenal that will be at your disposal in Metro Exodus’s new weapons trailer.

Deep Silver and 4A Games revealed today their new weapons trailer for the upcoming Metro Exodus.


This trailer includes brand new footage and tear-downs of the iconic hand-made guns of post-apocalyptic Russia. The trailer also features the arsenal of weapons used by Artyom and his band of Spartans as they travel across Russia.

For Metro Exodus, 4A Games overhauled their weapons system ensuring that each gun was functional and could be fully customised in the field. This allows for hundreds of different permutations.

Weapons must also now be cleaned and maintained to prevent overheating or jamming.

Check out the new trailer below and tune into the Metro Exodus Youtube tomorrow for a closer look at the Rifles class, featuring the Kalash, the deadly Bulldog and Anna’s weapon of choice, the Valve.

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