Overkill’s The Walking Dead Console Release Postponed

When people aren’t watching AMC’s The Walking Dead or playing Telltale’s The Walking Dead, I suppose there’s always Overkill’s The Walking Dead. Right?

Maybe not – at least not for console players any time soon. While the game released on PC to a mixed reception in November, the console release – which was originally due next month – has been postponed indefinitely.

Starbreeze AB is currently in the process of “evaluating and reviewing the performance of Overkill’s The Walking Dead on consoles” and therefore has decided to postpone its planned February 2019 release.

Exactly what that means is unclear. The Walking Dead hasn’t performed particularly well on PC, so it’s possible the company are evaluating if it’s even worth releasing on console. Or it could be that the port is currently having technical problems, so the team needs extra time to work on it. We can only speculate right now.

If you’ve been holding out to play the game on console, you might want to think again. Overkill’s The Walking Dead remains available on Steam for £24.79, though has “mixed” reviews. When we previewed the game last year, here’s what we had to say about it:

“The defence missions were a lot of fun, with the dead pouring in as you struggled to see off the dead at the gates, roaming freely round the level. However, the objective missions were less so. Rather than give the player free reign, the objective levels in the beta were fairly linear and split into sections, with tasks to complete, such as collecting cogs to open a gate….Still, The Walking Dead at least looks pretty enough, and it’s certainly more visually appealing than previous trailers have made it look.”

More information about the postponement will likely be released later in the year.