PS5 & Next Xbox to Run Games at 4K 240FPS Claims Analyst


It sounds too good to be true.

Speaking to GamingBolt, video game industry analyst Michael Pachter has claimed that both Microsoft and Sony are cooking up next-gen devices that will comfortably run games at 4K resolution. In isolation that sounds plausible, and also rather expected. What’s more far-fetched, however, is that he also claims that games will run at up to 240 FPS.

Currently, most console games struggle to maintain 30 FPS. With most TVs only supporting 60 FPS, that’s the Holy Grail for most console gamers, and if you have an Xbox One X or PS4 Pro quite a few games will target it. But 240 FPS? Only expect VR games that look like PS3 titles to maybe reach those heady heights. And then, why would you really want them to? That’s another one of Michael Pachter’s predictions, by the way, that VR will be a feature of both PS5 and the next Xbox.


The truth is, no one really has any solid information on what the PS5 and next Xbox will be like yet. They’ll be more powerful than the the consoles they’re replacing, sure, but that power will no doubt go to making the visuals prettier rather than making games run at 240 FPS. You can market pretty visuals, you can’t market “Whoah! 240 FPS!!!”. Though maybe we just did…

Oh, and before we go, one last Michael Pachter prediction for you. In a recent article, he claims that following the failure of Fallout 76, Bethesda will speed up the development of The Elder Scrolls VI to make sure it releases this year. Video Game Industry Analysts, folks. Don’t listen to them.