RIOT: Civil Unrest Launching February on PC and Consoles

Do you prefer to keep the peace or rise again injustice? You decide in RIOT: Civil Unrest.

Merge Games Ltd. is all set to release RIOT: Civil Unrest a real-time riot simulation experience in February.

RIOT: Civil Unrest places you at the heart of some of the world’s biggest confrontations. The game is spread across four campaigns and 30 individual scenarios. From Oakland to California to Tahrir Square in Egypt, RIOT: Civil Unrest gives players control of either protesters or law enforcement to portray a balanced view of every event.

The game is done in gorgeous pixel art and was inspired by real-life events that happened to its artist and creator, Leonard Menchiari. In the summer of 2011, Menchiari attended a NO-TAV protest in Northern Italy and what he saw there, the actions of both the protesters and police, inspired RIOT: Civil Unrest.

A complex strategy game, RIOT: Civil Unrest will have players aiming for certain objectives in each scenario. It’s up to the player to decide how they want to handle each given situation. Dispel an angry crowd or overcome armed militia, either way its up to you. RIOT: Civil Unrest boasts incredible A.I, as each protester adds to the realistic and fluid movement of the crowds.

RIOT: Civil Unrest is set to release this February for PC, Xbox One, Play Station 4 and Nintendo Switch.