Salt and Sanctuary is Coming to Xbox One in February

Salt and Sanctuary 3

First landing on PS4 and PC in 2016 and then making its way onto Switch last summer, Salt and Sanctuary is finally coming to Xbox One.

A 2D action RPG from Ska Studios, Salt and Sanctuary has been compared to a “2D Dark Souls”. But more than being a copycat of FromSoftware’s magnum opus, Salt and Sanctuary stands well on its own two feet as a worthwhile RPG. Combining Metroidvania and platforming elements brings in a feeling of Symphony of the Night, and a solid progression system means that it’s a gripping adventure for fans of the genre.


When we reviewed the game back in 2016, we said:

“The fusion of solid platforming, engaging combat and deep character development creates an experience that feels somewhat fresh despite its roots in tried and tested genres, which is quite an achievement. Fans of its clear inspirations, Dark Souls and Castlevania, will undoubtedly be the ones mostly enraptured by its offerings, but the thrills it offers should also appeal to those that have never played those games before – providing they can deal with the few frustrations that it also brings to the table.”

Until now, Xbox One gamers haven’t been able to try out what Salt and Sanctuary has to offer, but that’s about to change. The game releases on Microsoft’s home console on 6th February. It’ll retail for $17.99 (UK price TBA) on the Xbox Store. Whether you’re a fan of the hardcore action offered by Dark Souls or the deep adventuring of CastlevaniaSalt and Sanctuary is sure to offer something that’ll impress.