The Best Free Browser Games to Waste Your Time With

Going back to work after Christmas always sucks. Who wants to concentrate on working hard when we’ve just had a lazy week of eating mince pies, playing games and spending time with family?

There’s only one good cure: procrastination. While playing your favourite console games at work might not be quite so easy – and we’re not entirely sure you’d get away with installing Steam either – there are plenty of free browser games you can play when your boss is not looking. The best news? Most of them are accessible from your mobile phone, too, if you can’t get around that pesky corporate firewall.

Here’s our pick of the best browser games to while away the hours rather than doing something important. We can’t be held responsible for any disciplinary action you may face for missing those major deadlines, sorry.

Toss the Turtle – Newgrounds

Newgrounds has been around pretty much as long as any of us have been accessing the internet, and it’s still going strong today. There are literally hundreds of games to play in your browser, but one of our favourites is Toss the Turtle.

You’ll need Flash installed to play it, but once it’s installed, you can play with your keyboard and mouse directly from your browser. To play, you’ll fire a turtle out of a cannon and control it as it flies through the air, collecting coins and reaching the highest score possible as it goes. Poor turtle. It’s fun for us – but not so much for the little dude who inevitably ends up impaled on some spikes. Aww.

Casino games

If you prefer a bigger element of chance in your browser gaming habits – and like the idea of spending (and making) some moolah in the process, then perhaps online slots are more your cup of tea. There are hundreds of websites to choose from, each with a massive range of games. Many are even based on popular franchises, like Monopoly, Jumanji or Tomb Raider. 888casino here even has a slot game based on Guns n Roses. Random, but indeed something for everyone. Providing gambling is your thing, of course.

Remember Snake, the game that was literally the best thing about your old Nokia mobile phone? Of course you do. Well, is basically a multiplayer, browser-based version of that. You move around the screen, eating dots, your snake growing each time you do. The only difference is that other players also occupy the same space as you, competing for the same dots – and for ultimate, slithery glory. The problem? If another player hits you, it’s game over. It’s super addictive – don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Quick, Draw

Google isn’t just a search engine, you know. Under cover of an AI experiment, the internet giant also created Quick, Draw!, a game about doodling a number of objects to test whether a neural network can guess what you draw. It’s pretty simple and will only take a few minutes to complete – but testing your computer doodling skills is good fun. It’s a bit disheartening when the AI doesn’t guess right, but it’s a boost to your confidence when it does. You can play as many times as you want, too.