1Must-play indie games on Xbox One


“Indie” is a term that gets harder and harder to define.

Generally, we take “indie” to mean a game from a small studio; something that hasn’t been developed or published by Ubisoft, Sony, Activision or the likes. But that line forever gets blurrier. Unravel, for instance, is a game made by Coldwood Interactive. Coldwood’s a Swedish development company that was founded by five people. That sounds pretty independent, right? But then Unravel was published by EA Originals, a new branch of EA set up to publish and support smaller developers. Unravel surely isn’t an ‘indie’ game, then, with a big publisher attached to it. Or is it?

It’s pretty much impossible to give a firm definition to what makes an “indie game” these days. So your terminology might differ somewhat from ours. There might be games on this list that someone else wouldn’t consider “indie”, but we’ve tried to be consistent in selecting games that are, broadly speaking, considered to be indie.

But let’s not get bogged down with semantics. Here are the best indie games on Xbox One; those made by smaller devs and published by smaller companies that deserve just as much love (or more) than the triple-As.