2Starlink: Battle for Atlas

Starlink Battle for Atlas

Ubisoft has always been known for its epic open world adventures, and while it may seem a little different at first glance, Starlink: Battle for Atlas does indeed follow suit. Here, your protagonist is an explorer in a space ship. And rather than just having one open world to explore, you have several different worlds and an entire galaxy to explore.

Starlink is a toys-to-life game, but with a digital version available alongside the physical starter pack, actual toys aren’t required to play. As long as you have one ship (either physically or digitally), you’re ready to set out on an adventure. And what an adventure it is. Like most classic open world games, Starlink gives you a main story to follow, but each new planet you visit will also offer a range of side activities – from defeating enemies, to capturing outposts, to finding hidden materials – to complete however you see fit.

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