3The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition

Top 10 open world games of all time

The Elder Scrolls games have always provided players with a huge fantasy world to explore, but none have been as varied or cohesive as Skyrim’s. Okay, it’s been around the block a few times and the Switch is the latest in a long line of formats its been released on. We’ve all likely already played it numerous times, but do we ever really get tired of exploring its rich and varied lands?

Abandoning the class system used by previous entries in the series, Skyrim enables players to develop a character as they see fit throughout the course of the game. This, along with a streamlined menu system, makes the game much more accessible to those new to the series. With a world full of mysteries and quests to solve, as well as dragons to defeat, Skyrim is undoubtedly one of the best open world games on Nintendo Switch for those seeking an absorbing and time consuming fantasy.

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