We Hope This Trailer in Kingdom Hearts 3 Turns Out to Be a Real Game

Entering Toy Story world in Kingdom Hearts 3 for the first time, I thought something had gone wrong with my game.

The colourful Disney-style graphics of Kingdom Hearts 3 disappeared briefly, replaced with ultra-clean and lifelike visuals for… something else. Has my console glitched and started playing another game? No, nothing like that: it’s a trailer for a fake Square Enix game, Verum Rex.

As Toy Box starts up – the world inhabited by Buzz, Woody and all of our favourite Toy Story characters – the toys are watching a TV screen showing the trailer for Verum Rex, a new game about to land in the world of Toy Story. It’s high-octane, it’s over the top, and it’s entirely something I could imagine Square making. There’s a hint of Lightning Returns to it. There are also mechs. It’s basically Final Fantasy, but with mechs.

Who wouldn’t want that?

Who knows if this little trailer is a tease to something that Square Enix is secretly working on. It wouldn’t be the first time a game hides a secret trailer for another project (Watch Dogs 2, I’m looking at you). Except this Verum Rex trailer isn’t so secret – it’s right there in the main storyline of the game.

Check out the trailer for yourself below. Who knows, maybe we’ll be seeing this again at E3 2021…

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