Where Can I Play Free Online Slots?

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If you are looking to find the best online casinos that allow free slots gaming, this article is going to help you find the exact destination, understand what “free slots” really mean, and how to have them to your best benefits. Read on.

Thanks to the burgeoning online gambling market, today players from all across the world have a wide availability of safe casinos, where they can register and play for free, right from their PCs and mobiles. Moreover, to make things even easier, there are special sites, that are dedicated to reviewing and cataloguing eGaming destinations based on the benefits they offer. For example, there is a site called arabian-slotsx.com that features the latest betting opportunities on playing free online slots and the best online casinos where Arabians can play. This is a great resource, when players get avid information on exciting gambling opportunities, at the same time, casinos get more promotion and better consumer traffic.


Understanding Free Slots and Free Spins

Among all casino games, it’s the slot machine game that appeals the most to players, probably because of its simplistic gameplay that is all about lucky spins, which can prosper the player with giant cash wins if it lands in the right “payline”.

Coming back to the idea of “free slots”, many casinos promote them in misleading messages that often interpret as “play for free and win real cash”  to beginners, so that they are struck with the idea that this is easy money for no investment!

But for your information, in the gambling industry, there is no such thing as easy money, it’s all part of a business. You have to give something in return of something.

So when it comes to free slots, it can mean two things: free spins bonus, or demo versions of real money games.

  • Free Spins

“Free spins” on slot games are typically given out by online casinos as part of some promotional offer or bonus scheme, ideally for encouraging people to register at their establishment and to play more often. You commonly get free spins after your first deposit, but there are several casinos that offer no deposit bonuses as well, wherein you can enjoy the bonus spins without depositing your own money, for just registering at the casino. However, if you wish to withdraw your winnings into your bank account, then you’d have to spend on several wagers, in order to meet the wagering requirement.

  • Play for Fun/Demo Games

Free slots could also mean “play-for-fun” version, that casinos, as well as game review sites, feature, allowing users to play online slots in a demo version. Everything is the same, you just play with dummy coins instead of real money. This is overtly useful for novices to understand how the slot machine game work, or for regular players to check out how the latest slot looks and feels.

More people are inclined to try out free demo slots than free spins. This has much to do with the fact that demo versions of popular slots or latest releases can be played at featuring websites, without having to register at a casino. This appeals to those that are generally interested in online gambling but are not yet ready to get attached to a casino.

When it comes to “free spin bonuses”, things are not as straightforward. First of all, in order to activate free spins, one has to register to the casino; secondly, they would have to wager their own money, a predisposed amount indicated by the casino, in order to withdraw the real money winnings gathered from the game.

Choose the Best Online Casinos That Offer Free Spin Bonus

The best destinations to play slots for real money would have to live up to some key points, that help keep the player on the safe side. It’s essential for a player to consider these points when choosing the ideal online casino.

  1. Agree with Wagering Requirement – there will always be a wagering requirement on free spins, you’d just have to agree on the conditions. Play based on your affordability.
  2. Additional Terms and Conditions – other than the wagering requirement, there may be other conditions like jurisdiction restrictions, do peruse the bonus T&C before investing.
  3. Withdrawal Restrictions –  punters often use free spins to just play and withdraw winnings from real money deposits. Some casinos would block all withdrawals until you meet the wagering requirement of free spins. You’d better decide whether you can accept it or not.
  4. Safety & License – Always make sure that your chosen casino has a proper license from Government Authorities, and the games are run by eCOGRA or similarly reputed auditors, for their randomness and fairness.

What point is there to a casino game if you are not playing it for real money? So choose the best online casinos offering the free spin bonuses and enjoy playing free slots on your desktops and mobiles.