Where to Find the Hiding Places in Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 2 5

If you’re thorough as you make your way through Resident Evil 2, you’re likely to find quite a few undeveloped photos.

One or two of them give you hints as to how to progress in the game, but there are a couple that simply point you in the right direction of some useful goodies.

One photo that you find, for example, provides the combination to a padlock on a locker. Another hints at two hiding places located in the police station. But where are they?


One of the hiding places is in the small room in the S.T.A.R.S. office. Approach the desk that’s in there, and you’ll see you can open the drawer. Inside is a wooden crate, which you can examine for your reward.

The other hiding place can be found in the Press Room on the ground floor. Approach the desk with the radio on it in the top left hand corner and you’ll find you can open the drawer to receive your reward.

Be aware that you can only interact with these hiding places once you’ve developed the photo that gives you the hints for them. Finding them both unlocks an achievement/trophy, too, if you’re into those things.

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