Which Difficulty Should You Play Resident Evil 2 On?

Resident Evil 2 3
Resident Evil 2

No matter how adept you are at video games, you can enjoy Resident Evil 2.

Resident Evil 2 has three difficulties for you to choose from when you’re starting a new game: Assisted, Standard, and Hardcore.

Assisted difficulty is the easiest at it enables aim assist, allowing you to pop zombies heads just a little bit easier with your weapon of choice. It also allows you to regenerate a little bit of health automatically, and makes enemies a little easier to kill. As such, it’s recommended for players who want a less stressful experience. You’ll rarely die on Assisted difficulty, and won’t have that much trouble keeping a decent stock of ammo and healing items.


On Standard difficulty, Resident Evil 2 becomes much more of a challenge. With aim assist being disabled and enemies taking more damage before being put down, you’ll find yourself running out of ammo often unless you’re conservative with it. Also, you don’t regenerate any health, so you’ll find yourself using healing items more often. Still, we recommend you start on this difficulty for the best Resident Evil 2 experience. It’s challenging, but most players should find it enjoyably so.

For those looking to truly test their abilities, there’s also Hardcore difficulty. In a nod back to the original Resident Evil gamesHardcore difficulty disables the game’s quite generous autosave system, instead forcing you to find and use old-fashioned ink ribbons to save your game. It also make your enemies much tougher. As a result, you’ll experience additional strain on your inventory space, and you’ll constantly find yourself low on ammo and healing supplies if you tangle with enemies unsuccessfully/often. Needless to say, only the skilled will survive. But those who do complete Resident Evil 2 on Hardcore will feel very proud of themselves.

It should be noted that while you can’t change the difficulty of Resident Evil 2 by going into the options menu once you’ve started, if you die often enough it will ask if you want to lower the difficulty when playing on Standard or Hardcore. Just be aware that dropping the difficulty down might prevent you from earning certain trophies or achievements.

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