while True: learn() is a Lovely Puzzle Game About Cats and Computers

If you’ve ever had a cat then you know that they’re almost always hiding something.

You also know that they’re basically just waiting for the day that they can overthrow us and create their own catopia where laser pointers are accessible at all times and catnip is grown like grass. Oh, and they’re almost certainly smarter than us.

Puzzle game while True: learn() from indie studio Luden.io is about understanding your cat as well as neural networks, big data and AI. In the game you play as a coder who suddenly finds out that their cat is really good at coding, but in order to be able to pick your cat’s brain you have to create a cat-to-human speech machine to understand it. This is where the gameplay comes in.

In while True: learn() you’ll be taking on problems and solving them with loosely based machine learning technologies that have actually been used in schools and educational programs. Sure, you probably won’t go from playing the game to being a coding wizard, but it’s a great learning stepping stone. The quests that you will face are based on actual problems that can be solved by machine learning.

Taking some great notes from other programming-themed games like Human Resource Machine, in while True: learn() you’ll be moving boxes, creating lines, trying, failing, and optimising problems in order to solve them. Solving these problems earns you money so you can create your own CTO start up, make a fortune, or become a tech guru, all while partnering with your feline friend. One you have an influx of money you can upgrade your hardware, but more importantly you can get new outfits for you and your cat.

The art style is adorable, the gameplay is engaging and i’ts sure to make you put on your thinking cap.

while True: learn() is available now on Steam for $12.99/£9.99 in ten available languages with more to come.