Check Out Some New Art and Screenshots From The Upcoming World War Z Game

Feeling deprived of zombie goodness? Look no further than Saber Interactive’s World War Z.

The upcoming four-player co-op multiplayer game inspired by the hit blockbuster movie launches later this year for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Today, Saber Interactive has released a first look at the game with some brand new screenshots, along with the game’s key art.

Each survivor in World War Z will have their own unique stories for players to experience as they run from and battle huge hordes of zombies powered by Saber’s Swarm Engine. Survive a series of co-op missions across a handful of international locations including: Moscow, Jerusalem, and New York.

The large hordes will act as real crows would, tripping over obstacles, squeezing through tight spaces, and climbing on top of one another to reach players.

Check out the awesome new screenshots below, and look forward to more World War Z announcements in the coming months.