Xenon Racer is Releasing on PC and Consoles in March

Xenon Racer

Have you ever tried driving so fast that you moved forward in time?

Hopefully not, but if that sounds like something you want to do, Xenon Racer is the next best thing.

SODESCO have announced that its futuristic arcade game Xenon Racer will hit stores on 26th March this year. It will release both digitally and physically for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation and Xbox One. A Steam version is also set to release.

Xenon Racer is based in the year 2030, where the first set of flying cars have been invented (finally!) and the World Federation Racing Championship is preparing for a new era of racing with these hybrid vehicles. To give racers time to adjust to this change, the Federation calls for a season pause. Taking advantage of the break, a group of rookie drivers known as Xenon set up a championship for rookies to help test the new technology with car prototypes that run on a combination of electricity and Xenon gas.

Xenon Racer takes place on the bustling streets of Shanghai in China, Miami in the USA, as well as Cote d’Azur in France and Lake Louise in Canada.

Check out the brand new trailer below which highlights seven different racing locations in the game including four new tracks in North America, France and China.

Pre-order Xenon Racer on Amazon today.